Air recuperation

Air recuperation

Why to use air recuperation

Air recuperation and underfloor heating are the 2 systems that we recommend as an absolute priority for a new construction. All the other more expensive ones like heat pumps, photovoltaic power stations and phototermal solar collectors that we mainly benefit from can be always sooner or later added to the existing house in some way.

Why this recommendation which is partly a "business" negation, and thus we contradict ourselves? Besause we put the meaningful and right things first.

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The more we insulate buildings, the more tight and beer insulated double-glazed, triple-glazed, argon-filled windows we use, the more we fill in any existing cracks in the walls of the house, the more we are in principle closing ourselves into a "plastic" submarine that stops breathing. Therefore, if we close ourselves into such a submarine, all the air we breathe out, all the humidity from showering, cooking, stays with us at home. Yes, you can open a window and air out.... But why did you buy expensive triple-glazed windows with argon filling if the only adequate air exchange is micro ventilation? You may have bought ordinary double-glazed windows.

12 years ago, when we started in this business we tended to say: „recuperation, recuperation, what it really is? Big pipes, we carry air in an assembly van.“ We still didn't understand why such a segment can be so supported and pushed through by legislation. It was only over time, and even are buying a CO2 - carbon dioxide meter, that we understood how important the air recuperation can be.

Personally, I would venture to admit that up to a half of marital arguments at home roots from the airless environment. Give it a try by buying a CO2 meter, put it in the middle of your living room, air out the space and close up the window. Afterwards track the progress of rising CO2 concentration and O2 depletion in the room. You will notice that you start ge;ng tired and sleepy at 1000ppm of concentration which corresponds to the scenario of 2 persons staying and sharing one room for up to 1-2 hours. In the concentration of 1500ppm and higher you can experience headache and nervousness.

Standardly then occurs the fact that instead of airing out and thus dealing with the root of our discomfort we get easily triggered by the tiniest thing that irritates us on our loved one.

Think of an occasion when you walked into the room occupied by numerous people, and you were trying to convince them to open the window. You cannot evaluate the quality of air while dwelling in the given space. And this common occurrence of all new constructions, renovations, insulation's and windows replacement when the air recuperation is not installed along with it. In the past this role was played by the old windows that have been replaced by the new ones.

We offer a design, project and handling of the state subsidy for either for the central air recuperation – suitable for new buildings – or for to decentralize ones – suitable for the places where new air distribution systems cannot be implemented.

In the section of realization (on this page) you can see the detailed installation process.

Either air distribution, with a pipe dimension of at least 100 mm in diameter, or hot water tubes drawn in the floor are difficult to be worked on in an existing house unless you want to move out for a certain period of time. And therefore we recommend installing of air recuperation before photovoltaic system itself.

Of course, air recuperation also saves energy; the blown used air preheats the cold fresh one that is drawn into. There is an energy saving - a primary energy saving according to which EPCs are now issued for new buildings and for which the air recuperation is now required even before get planning permission.

However, as a main advantage of we can see the healthy living environment where we can live rather than only energy savings.


We offer combining of air recuperation with an underfloor heating thermostat that can also measure CO2 concentration.

The simplest control – the recuperation just exchanges the air – airing out

Standard control - the recuperation with a temperature and CO2 concentration sensor that controls a ventilation level according to the current temperature and CO2 concentration in the reference room.

Full control - the recuperation we offer collects information from individual rooms from underfloor heating thermostats equipped with CO2 sensors and ventilates according to the most prioritized room. Imagine a family with a young child where they all go to sleep in the bedroom at night. This bedroom will be soon overflowing by high doses of CO2, but if the recuperation system does not recognize this fact, because the reference sensor is placed in the living room, the ventilation only minimally takes place

  • First we need to determine whether it will be a central or decentralised air recuperation unit (will it be possible to do air distribution? Will they fit into the interior, the floor ceiling compositions?)
  • For central units, will we only ventilate or will we be able to also use the built-in air distribution for possible heating or in cooperation with an existing heat pump cooling as well?
  • Ductwork and air recuperation unit design
  • Control design - CO2 sensors yes / no or local zone thermostats with CO2 sensors - full control
  • Establishing budgets for different options
  • Installation of recuperation and relevant distribution systems
  • Launching
  • System regulation! (according to the project)
  • Handover of the system and further training

We also offer cooling option in cooperation with a heat pump installation and underfloor heating. In principle, the heat pump can cool the building at no extra charge. For such an effect the underfloor heating and air distribution tubes can be used. This is not a full replacement for an air conditioning, but it can actively cool the house to an agreeable temperature (reference house in South Moravia near Brno).


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Company ENESO was founded in 2009 and since its origin has been engaged in design-implementation-service of photothermal and photovoltaic solar systems, electronic security systems, GSM cameras and heating. Solar panels are used for year-round water heating in homes and are designed to make the most of the impact of the solar rays throughout the year, while at the same time returning the initial investment as quickly as possible.

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