Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating

Why to use underfloor heating

Humans perceive temperature through the radiant component. The large floor area creates a feeling of coziness and satisfaction. Plus, surprisingly, it can operate on a lower temperature and thus the comfort can be achieved earlier.

The underfloor hea$ng system allows you to reduce the temperature of the hea$ng water to the lowest possible level and enables the efficient operation of renewable sources such as heat pumps, photothermal solar collectors, etc.

The fear of overheating and related health risks have been either due to the poor design or the high set temperature used in the past.



  • Determination of heated spaces and ambient temperatures
  • Determination of heating water temperature
  • Location of manifold and collector
  • Pipe density simulation and design
  • Creating a drawing of the pipe laying for assembly
  • Assembly of manifold and collector
  • Close coordination with the building regarding floor heights and the thickness of the underlying polystyrene
  • Installation of the underfloor heating system board
  • Wrapping the floor heating pipes according to the floor drawing
  • Heating test
  • Regulation of the system either according to the flow rate or the installation of electric drives connected to thermostats
  • Hand-over and training

Standardly we offer a system of thermostats for underfloor hea$ng that control the temperature in the respective rooms/zones. The thermostats can be either mechanical or electronic thermostats connected with CO2 concentration measurement and thus connected with air recovery.

We offer electric actuators for floor units not only in ON/OFF operation, but now also in the form of PID regulation - proportional flow control, where there is no cyclic heating and cooling of the floor and continuous flow control according to the achieved temperature in the room.

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About company ENESO

Company ENESO was founded in 2009 and since its origin has been engaged in design-implementation-service of photothermal and photovoltaic solar systems, electronic security systems, GSM cameras and heating. Solar panels are used for year-round water heating in homes and are designed to make the most of the impact of the solar rays throughout the year, while at the same time returning the initial investment as quickly as possible.

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