Water power plants

Water power plants

Hydroelectric power plants are one of the oldest sources of energy

Water (hydroelectric) power plants are one of the oldest sources of energy. Water mill wheels, katars (water powered saw mills) and water hammer mills have been part of the development of our civilization since time immemorial. It is one of the most stable resources that can produce a lot of energy. Naturally, it does not produce much energy in summer during the dry season and in winter during extreme frosts, but in other seasons it is a stable source both day and night

Unlike photovoltaic power plants which can produce and accumulate a lot of energy mainly in the summer and during the days only. The water power can be also used overnight and even small micro water (hydroelectric) plants can do a lot of work.

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Determination of yield
of the energy of the current locality:

  • Determination of the river basin and the capacity/ yield of the area
  • Identify water momentum and gradient
  • It clarifies how much energy can be obtained from the location

of technology

  • Turbine design (according the water momentum)
  • Generator design (AS vs DS – on grid yes/no)
  • Control system design

of investment

  • Part of the building - ground modifications, weir, casting
  • Technological part – turbine, generator MaR
  • Determining returns and considering additional credits (self-sufficiency)


  • Preliminary propound for the environment and the water management department
  • Further processing after affirmative confirmation of the project
  • Project for the obtaining a water management permit
  • Obtaining all other permissions – building permits
  • In the case of connection to the grid further agreement with distribution
  • In the case of positive support green bonus or direct purchase


  • Construction part
  • Technology
  • Electrical equipment

Service to ensure
the functionality

  • Ensuring of the revisions
  • Training
  • If necessary, it is possible to change the electricity rate for a lower one

We have experience in the design, construction, implementation and service of micro hydroelectric power plants. We cooperate with a supplier of SHP technology from the USA (Hartvigsen Hydro – Components for Microhydro), which disposes and further constructs blades made either of titanium or plastic. The prices of these systems are surprisingly significantly cheaper than standard industrial turbines manufactured on CNC machines in the Czech Republic. The construction can be either made on AC generator at 50Hz synchronized with the main grid or on a DC generator which must be properly connected to the remaining wiring. Ideally with an open PV (photovoltaic system) system based on Victron technology.


An example is our installation of a small micro hydroelectric power plant at the mountain hut Smědava with installed 5kW Turgo turbine with a multi-pole asynchronous motor that delivers 4kW peak to 20m gradient on the Black Brown River. This HPP can produce 25,000 kWh/year which means vs. PV system 62.5 kWp which is 156pcs of panels! You can see the size of the HPP in our realizations.



About company ENESO

Company ENESO was founded in 2009 and since its origin has been engaged in design-implementation-service of photothermal and photovoltaic solar systems, electronic security systems, GSM cameras and heating. Solar panels are used for year-round water heating in homes and are designed to make the most of the impact of the solar rays throughout the year, while at the same time returning the initial investment as quickly as possible.

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years on
the market





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