Solar thermal collectors, Solar accumulators

Solar thermal collectors, Solar accumulators

We have been building solar systems for 12 years

Of all renewable sources, photothermal collectors are the ones that bring the highest emission reductions/energy cost reductions.

They have a high efficiency of converting solar energy into heat (a photon arrives and is converted into heat, i.e. photothermal collectors). The collector itself achieves an efficiency of 90%. The overall efficiency of the system, including pumps, is approx. 60%.

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What is part of solar thermal collectors ralization?

Project of solar
thermal system

Design of the solar thermal system including simulation of heat energy produced, returns, including design of how the photothermal system will be connected to an existing or new heating system.


Delivery of project documentation for the system implementation.

to the subsidy

New Green Savings, State Environmental Fund, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Industry and Trade Recovery Fund if announced.


Implementation of a complete system including roofing, electrical and heating works by our own employees.


Substantiate the implementation and completion of the grant acquisition/ subsidy process.

of the project

Possibility to exchange the electricity rate for the lower one, if necessary. In the case of installation of an electric cartridge as a backup power supply.


These are robust systems where in principle only the weldments of the pipes are soldered / welded to a high-selective layer, where energy is transferred. Since these are only "pipes" with a pump, so with proper planning and assembly, these are highly reliable and unbreakable systems that can work for tens of years without major repairs. (Once every 7-10 years replacement or refress of antifreeze, or replacement of the circulation pump after 15 years).

A photothermal DHW heating system that is upstream of the existing DHW heating is the most efficient system (cold water keeps the first vessel at the coldest temperature) and you will never make a mistake with this system. The only thing that can be reproached about the photothermal system is that it generates only heat. And unfortunately, the heat does not turn on the light bulb or charge the phone. Converters that can convert heat energy into electric one exist but they do not make neither economic nor technical sense.

We can simulate the size of the photothermal system on the spot, explain to the customer how the system works and recommend variants of the system and propose its integration into an existing or new system. The proposal also includes economic evaluation, returns, savings, subsidies.

For photothermal systems, the key is not only how the collectors are located and rotated on the roof/area, but also how the system is connected to an existing or new heating and hot water heating system



About company ENESO

Company ENESO was founded in 2009 and since its origin has been engaged in design-implementation-service of photothermal and photovoltaic solar systems, electronic security systems, GSM cameras and heating. Solar panels are used for year-round water heating in homes and are designed to make the most of the impact of the solar rays throughout the year, while at the same time returning the initial investment as quickly as possible.

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years on
the market





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